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Why We Do What We Do

What gets us up and excited everyday are the three things we hold near and dear to our hearts. We love to create remarkably designed homes and neighborhoods that our homeowners find exceptional. We get a charge from every person whose eyes light up and smile appears, when we deliver exceptional care and make their experience with us amazing. We believe value matters. Value is in the eye of the beholder, but we all know it when we experience it. Bringing all these elements together and delivering real value, is the way it should be.

We want to lead a movement which redefines inspired living. Where luxury is no longer measured by simply price or size, but by how it lives when it is delivered by a team of superior talents.


Follow your passion…something we all tell our kids to do when they grow up and pursue a career. Often, at a young age you don’t know what your passion is. Looking back, ours was clear – Terri and I couldn’t drive by an open house or new neighborhood opening and not pull in, trying to see what was new and cool. Our kids grew up knowing “vacation” time meant walking through neighborhoods and new homes, wherever our travels took us. And speaking of travels, for the past 20+ years, we’ve toured the country every year searching for inspiration in home and neighborhood design, taking us from the east coast to the west and all points in between.

In 2010 we had the opportunity to start Classica Homes. We had always talked about creating an amazing homebuilding company which could focus tightly on being the best. Our mission was to create a small niche of remarkably designed luxury homes, giving clients the experience we’d want if we were building and at the same time not make luxury equate to simply being expensive.

We formed Classica with 16 Team members. All of us worked together previously for years and represented the best of the best in the industry. This let us hit the ground running and play to our strengths, giving our clients a great experience and bringing to them the most inspired home designs with outstanding quality.


Today, we still have most of the original band of 16 that started with us, as the Classica Team plus many more. Most of us have worked together for 10-20+ years. These are the folks that carry the culture and teach our new Team members the Classica Way. More importantly, it is the 400+ other Team members who really build our homes that make the difference. These craftsmen and craftswomen (our Trade Partners), have also worked with us for years. We value relationships and people, more than we value trying to save a nickel on the cost of a commodity. Our plumber, electrician, framer, painter and many more, are the same Team today working on our homes, as a decade or more ago.

The Three Keys

So...those three things that inspired us to create Classica at the start, still drive us today and are why we do what we love.

Remarkable Homes & Neighborhoods – We have a great respect for authentic design and we've found the best architects in the country to partner with, who understand our drive. We constantly strive to create the next new inspired home or neighborhood plan which makes our clients say "wow", and "this is what home should feel like". We've created a Design Studio to give the ability to take an amazing floor-plan and then bring it to life with all that goes inside, with hand-holding care all along the way.

Exceptional Care - We love honest, attentive people who give incredible care. Sharing that experience and delivering it to our clients gives each on our Team energy and excitement. We love making the homebuilding experience fun, and easy. We love fun people. We love our Team and are relentless in making their career at Classica the best. We spend a lot of time taking care of them, so they can take care of our homeowners. We don't have egos on our Team and don't like people with big ones.

Value – Lasting value is obtained with a drive for constant innovation, outstanding construction quality and inspiring details and design. Luxury homes and remarkable design doesn't have to cost a fortune. We think clients should decide where to spend their money in creating their home - not the builder. This is why we start with luxury items you expect in your home, but then go further. We add some surprises you might not expect. We then include a generous allowance to use in our Design Studio to add the options and choices you value to personalize your home and create what you want. We love transparency and including these dollars in your starting point price makes the start much more real and the ride much more enjoyable.

What We Value

Along with our three guiding principles, we have six core values that guide our decision making everyday:

  • Adapt - Nothing stays the same forever and we need to learn and grow in order to deliver on our promise.
  • Deliver - Hard work is what it takes to make things happen. We have to deliver a 100% effort everyday to make things happen - a little sweat and dirt is a by-product of a good day.
  • Do What's Right - As long as we can tell our mom about what we did, the decision was probably the right one.
  • Passion - From our accounting Team to our building Team, it is passion about our homes, our clients and processes that turns us on. Without it, you need not be on our Team.
  • Vision - Vision for the future doesn't reside at the top. We expect every Team member to think down the road and contribute to making our experience the best.
  • Team - Nothing is more important than the work we all do together. There are no superstars at Classica, only Team members who share, care and work towards one goal together.

Never Ending Journey

This is a long story of why we love what we do. But, our story is long. It is a journey that will never have an end. Along the way we've had some great success and have been recognized for it, from being one of Charlotte's Best Places to Work (annually since 2013), to being awarded Charlotte’s Best Builder three times, and most significantly, the Gold National Housing Quality Award, homebuilding’s highest honor. We hope we have the chance to share our story and more importantly, share our experience with you - from the first person you meet to the last on our Team, we know it will be different, be inspiring and be fun.

Live Different, Live Fully, Live Inspired….Love Home!


Bill & Terri Saint

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